Canvas Art: How To Boost Motivation with Wall Art Canvas Art: How To Boost Motivation with Wall Art

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Canvas Art: How To Boost Motivation with Wall Art

Posted on March 14 2020

What factors did you take into consideration when designing your office? If you are like most of us starting out, your focus was on functionality and the basic necessities. The bare minimum needed to function and provide a professional look is a good place to start, but stark offices can become demoralizing in a hurry. 


You spend more than a third of your waking hours each week at work. If you are the boss, chances are good you spend considerably more. Entrepreneurs log even longer hours on average. Your environment has a profound impact on your morale. It is why you put careful thought and consideration into how you furnish and decorate your home. Considering you spend as much time at the office as you do at home, it makes sense to put the same effort into the furnishing and decoration of that space, does it not? 


Why do people bring items to clutter up their offices and cubicles? Are they layabouts who want to distract themselves from work or annoy their coworkers with their clutter? This certainly seems to be a popular idea in certain schools of thought, but research does not back it up. More often than not, people bring personal items to decorate their office or cubicle to make it more welcoming. This in turn has the added benefits of motivating them by providing reminders of what they are working to gain or maintain, and it has a profound impact on their productivity, increasing it by up to 25%! 


How Motivational Wall Art can Improve Productivity 



One of the easiest ways to up your business' morale, productivity, and drive is to simply hang motivational wall art at strategic points throughout your offices. Employees and clients alike can find blank walls stark, cold, and uninviting. Inspiring wall art for office not only adds personality to the space, but it has a profound affect on those within it. 


Popular media has made office motivational wall art seem almost kitschy or cliche, but there is a reason fictional businesses are shown with it hanging everywhere. It works! 


Take a look at some motivational wall art canvas and really pay attention to them. Do you notice a pattern in them? A great deal of inspirational canvas wall art incorporates affirmation like sayings. People viewing such pieces read them almost without thinking about it, and the effect is similar to saying an affirmation to yourself. Those words have an immediate impact on your mood, and they stick with you long after you look away from whatever motivational wall art you were seeing. 


Office Motivational Wall Art is an Investment in Your Future 



You may view decorative items as a needless expense to add to your overhead, but it is an investment in the future of your business. The effect of motivation wall art is cumulative while the expense is a single cost, so you stand to have a considerable return on investment. The more often you are exposed to a message, the deeper it impacts you. This is why affirmations are repeated on a daily basis for maximum effect. Hanging inspirational canvas wall art in your home or business, where you and your employees will see it whenever you walk by, is like saying affirmations to yourself and your employees multiple times a day, every work day. 


Don't believe it? Imagine this. 


Let's say you are just starting out all over again as a kid fresh out of school. You are grinding away, but it feels like everyone is moving ahead faster than you. The fact you landed a job in your field pales when you look around at everyone else who seems to know exactly what they are doing, and you feel lost. 


Then one day, you go into work like usual, but there's something new in the break room. There hanging on the wall is a motivational wall art canvas that reads, "Every pro started off as a rookie." 


"It is just a common sense cliche," you scoff to yourself, but nevertheless, it is true. The reminder lifts your spirits despite your derision, and you are off to work again with just a touch more drive than you had the day before. Every day, the canvas is still there when you go to the break room, and that simple truth stays top of mind. Before long, you are no longer a rookie but a pro yourself. 


The company hits a snag, and no matter what your team tries, the latest product just is not working. Then you come in to find another new motivation wall art in the office. It has failure written dozens of times, but there in the middle, written in bold is, "Success: it only has to be right once." It reminds you of all the other innovators and creatives who faced failure time and time and time again yet came out on top in the end. They could do it, so you can too. You and your team are a bit more on fire than usual that day. 


Inspiring wall art for office does not have to be "new and profound" to be effective. It just needs to be true. It is there to soften stark walls and bring truths you already know back to top of mind. Human minds are hardwired to seek out novelty. Things you "already know" get overlooked and forgotten until something reminds you of them, and that is what motivational wall art is designed to do. 


How to Choose the Right Wall Art for You 



Exactly how should you go about choosing and placing motivational wall art? There are so many different styles and messages, it can become overwhelming. 


Start off by considering what color palette and general artistic style would best suit your brand and existing office decor. Would bright and colorful abstracts or minimalistic graphic art in monotones work best? Do the colors in your space lean more toward warm or cool tones? Is there a particular font you use in your existing branding material? If so, consider pieces that employ a similar one for a unified feel. 


Once you have the basic color palate, style, and font type you want in mind, think about the messages you want you and your employees to embody. What did you wish you had heard more in your earlier years? What do you need to hear more now? Look for pieces within the style and color palate you picked that carry these messages, and make a list of all the ones you find. 


Finally, par your list down. As helpful as inspiring wall art can be for your office, you need a balance for maximum impact. Too many pieces all crammed together become a blur. Pick a few key pieces, size them to be easily read within the rooms you have in mind, and place them to have the most impact.  


If you need additional artwork to make your office look balanced and inviting, pick a few pieces of more standard artwork to round it out. The contrast between the two styles will keep the inspirational works from becoming overwhelming while making them stand out all the more. 



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