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About Us

                What are we all about? A simple question to a complex answer; but don’t worry, reading shouldn’t give you a headache, so we’re definitely not about to. We are exactly, all about what the antonym of what that phrase represents. In other words, art is to be enjoyed, perhaps challenge, perhaps fill you with longing. Writing most definitely being a form or art, it is no exception to the rule.

                We are a website of artists by artists, for all! We strive to become the “go to” place for anyone looking to be entertained, for anyone simply browsing for stunning artwork, and by all means for anyone and everyone looking for a good read from a delightful range of articles from an array of subjects. We aim to entertain you, dazzle you, perhaps even confuse you, enrage you, or as we said before, fill you with longing; but overall, we aim, as Van Gogh, to involve you by conveying emotion.

                We are very proud and happy to finally be here and even more happy that you’re visiting us. After all, this website was an idea, years in the making. What once was a frustrated thought, became a conversation, which later became a stubborn and growing inkling; and after much time brainstorming and pondering upon the many ways to build upon it, weighing the pros and cons, formulating our firsts works with paper and pen, we arrive here, to our finished work, to this website, to this art, to this page, to you.

                As you may have noticed, one of our affiliates and sister pages is Voguish Apparel. One of our co-founders is the chairman of such company. Having stated that, with each business failure there was an opportunity for improvement and true growth. One of those valuable lessons learned was that to create an unhalted structure and undying machine you needed constant, consistent and steady change! Unfortunately to achieve that described change, the reality is that sometimes there’s simply not enough hours in the day. So, from the start we knew that our vision could not be erected by one, or even by few; a union was born. Our co-founder Hugo Bradford was then persuaded by the idea of founding a union of artists… by artists, for all! (Name of website) was born, and you stand here today, inside a profound niche of amazingly complex artists. It is because of that and more we are not only happy and excited about you being here today, but completely enraptured and ecstatic, as we are but a canvas without you, your visit, and support; so thank you! Thank you!

                This is our story, our website, our creed, our union, our space culminating our passions and vision onto this canvas that we call home and we welcome it all to you! So Welcome and enjoy. If upon our philosophy we have achieved to involve you, drag you into our vision and positiveness is the emotion we conveyed, then let us know, let your friends and family know, let the world know!


Sincerely The Artists’ Space Team!