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Learn a bit about our mafia, our family, the Canvas Mafia family.


Welcome to the family!

The CANVAS MAFIA family!

Canvas Mafia is an Online Modern, Chic and Trendy Canvas Art Gallery & Store! Bringing you the highest quality Entrepreneur canvas art for inspiration, motivation and positivity for you to aspire to live life to the best and fullest every day!

We breathe, live and believe every word and design we ever create! We are artists who are dedicated to sharing motivational videos, speeches, quotes and inspirational stories from the greatest iconoclast of our time. Here, at Canvas Mafia we believe in canvas wall art that spreads motivational success quotes as we aim to act as a motivational anchor in tough times. Our goal is to design motivational canvas wall art which will act as a physical manifestation of your unbreakable spirit, one you can share with family and friends.



Success is a word that transcends beyond its seven letters. A word that resonates with each one of our customers, our members, or as we like to refer to them, the Canvas Mafia family. It is a mindset more than it is a fancy title; it is a culture before being a trend. The entrepreneur mind of those pursuing success understand that ideas might be simple, but goals are not. That same person understands the meaning of the words grind, hustle and sacrifice!

They’ll sleep, breathe, and live their dream into reality!

Canvases that Inspire!

"Work in Silence...

Let your Success be the Noise..."

- Canvas Mafia art -

So, if we have inspired you either with our canvas wall art or with one of our motivational videos please like and share our content so that we can help spread inspiring stories with the whole world. Leave us comments and awesome reviews on our products and videos and let us know how it has helped you in your own life!

So, for that entrepreneur in you… Your loved one, friend or co-worker for home or office...


Thank you dearly,

The Canvas Mafia Team

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